This is what your room!MATE installation could look like - digital door signs, information screens and calendar software

solution room management
  • room!MATE is an all-in room management system with digital door signs, information screens to guide visitors and calendar software.
  • The installation of your room!MATE out-of-the-box room management system is simple and done in a moment. As there is no costly integration into existing IT systems, room!MATE is an affordable choice, even for a smaller number of meeting rooms.
  • Open the Internet browser of your PC to access the room!MATE Calendar and to find and book your meerting room. The installation of additional software is not required.
  • A powerful calendar software with many views makes the room management as user-friendly as possible. Sophisticated functions for the management of user rights control access to the calendar and rooms.
  • The high-quality and elegant digital door signs with 10.1" (26cm) display, narrow bezel and protective glass are available for in-wall and on-wall installations. Power over Ethernet makes the installation easy. With that, the installation of power outlets and cables is dispensed with.
  • The background image as well as the position and design of each element on the screen are changeable. A logo is required? No problem, just integrate your logo into a new background image.
  • room!MATE is scalable and the number of meeting rooms is not limited. Add new meeting rooms easily at any time and without any license costs.
  • Complement your room!MATE system with information screens at the entrance. Select an appropriate screen size and install the monitor in either landscape or portrait orientation.
  • room!MATE including all components is beeing produced and manufactured in Germany. This will increase product availability and makes it independent from poduct changes of other manufacturers.