web!SIGN101 - 10.1" monitor with touch option for displaying HTML5 based content

Do you have a Content Management System which offers HTML-based content and which requires a small display or a display with touch sensor? This is exactly what the web!SIGN101 has been designed for. The display with its 10.1" screen and capacitive touch option is available in versions for in-wall and, with housing, for on-wall installations. The web!SIGN101 will automatically start a browser after start-up and display a web page whose URL has been entered in the configuration form.

web!SIGN101 is an elegant and slim monitor for dispaying HTML5-based content provided by web servers. An integrated ARM controller hosts the Linux operating system. Select between various Internet browsers and browser modes like the kiosk full screen mode. If activated, a screen keyboard to enter data is available for the touch versions. A power outlet is not required. The web!SIGN101 receives its power via LAN cable (PoE).


  • High-quality elegant design with reduced footprint.
  • Available in two versions for in-wall and on-wall installations.
  • Safety glas with printed black borders and optional logo. Other border colours as option.
  • Display front protected according to IP65.
  • 10.1" MVA TFT display with large viewing angle and 1280x800 pixel resolution.
  • Optional capacitive touch.
  • RJ45 network interface with 100 MBit.
  • Energy saving ARM controller.
  • Linux operating system with read-only filesystem.
  • Power over Ethernet according to IEEE 802.3af.
  • Dimensions: 270 x 189 mm [WxH].
  • Depth after installation: in-wall: 8 mm, on-wall: 50 mm.
  • Browsers Midori or Chromium.
  • Start browser in kiosk mode (full-screen without menu).
  • Screen keybord for touch versions.
  • Configuration of system parameters with browser via LAN.
  • Time controlled functions to switch the display on and off, i.g. over night.
  • With HTML5 Support.