This is what your web!SIGN101 installation could look like, 10.1" (26 cm) monitor with capacitive touch option

web!SIGN solution
  • web!SIGN101 displays are an ideal accessory for Content Management Systems or Web Server applications who provide HTML5-based content and require a smaller monitor.
  • A capacitive touch option is available to support interactive applications. A screen keyboard is installed for datra entries.
  • Select between the Midori or Chromium browser. Select kiosk as browser option to display a web page without menus in full-screen mode.
  • The web!SIGN101 with its industrial 10.1" screen is available in versions for in-wall and on-wall installations.
  • A power outlet is not required. The web!SIGN101 receives its power via LAN cable (PoE).
  • A solid aluminium bezel with safety glass protects the monitor front according to IP65 against intrusion, dust and water.