web!Master - an intelligent way to display HTML5-based information

web!MASTER is a media player based on Raspberry Pi3 for displaying HTML- or HTML5-structured information in industrial or commercial applications. This includes web pages loaded from Internet or Intranet and information provided by Content Management Systems or other computer systems.

This small web!MASTER HTML Media Player turns each standard monitor with HDMI/DVI connector into a monitor for displaying web pages. Connect the web!MASTER to your monitor and it will show the web page whose URL has been entered into the configuration form. A reliable and cost-efficient way to display HTML-based content without any ongoing administration.


  • Massive aluminium case with integrated cooling domes.
  • Advanced fanless heat management to keeps system temperature low.
  • Raspberry Pi 3® with micro SD card.
  • Easy configuration with Internet browser.
  • Browser installed: Chromium.
  • Kiosk mode (full screen).
  • Time controlled functions to switch the display on and off, i.e. over night.
  • Network interface RJ45 with 100 MBit.
  • Linux operating system, configured as read-only file system.
  • Powered with 5V, 2.5A power supply.
  • Dimensions: 95x25x75 [LxHxD].
  • Weight: 230g.