Here at PortSignum, you'll find solutions for your meeting room management, digital door signs, monitor solutions for displaying web pages and monitors with Raspberry Pi®.

room!MATE - room management solution
All organisations, be it small or large companies, hotels, public authorities or congress centers, depend on an optimum use of usually rare meeting rooms. room!MATE is a complete "out of the box" solution for the management of meeting rooms, consisting of digital door signs, visitor guiding screens and calendar software. It enables you to find and book rooms with a few mouse clicks and to display reservations on-site. room!MATE is cost-efficient and affordable, even for a small number of meeting rooms.

web!MASTER - converts each monitor into a monitor for displaying web pages
Do you run a CMS system which provides HTML-based information? Use standard monitors with HDMI/DVI input in combination with the web!MASTER controller as an alternative to expensive monitors with integrated PC. Without further administration, the web!MASTER will automatically display the URL which has been entered into the configuration form. A solution for distributing HTML-based content without ongoing administration cost.

web!SIGN101 - a small monitor for displaying web pages
Do you have an application which offers HTML-based content and which requires a small display? This is exactly what the web!SIGN101 is made for. The display with its 10.1" screen and capacitive touch option is available in versions for in-wall and on-wall installations. Power over Ethernet (PoE) makes the installation easy. With HTML5 support.

pi!MON101 - small monitor with Raspberry Pi® and Linux for your applications
Are you looking for a small monitor to host your application? pi!MON101 is a PoE monitor with 10.1" display, Raspberry Pi® controller and optional capacitive touch. LINUX is pre-installed with some additional functions to make the installation of your application as comfortable as possible. The Linux file system is configured for read-only operation to avoid write access to the SD-card. System parameters are available for configuration from a PC with Internet browser. Everything is ready for your application.

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