room!MATE - "out of the box" meeting room management system with digital door signs, information screens and calendar software

room!MATE is an "out of the box" room management product suite which creates transparency and improves the utilisation and user friendliness of your meeting rooms. "Out of the box" stands for a solution which does not require an expensive integration into existing IT systems or extensive training and which is installed, configured and ready for operation within short time. It is affordable also for a small number off meeting rooms. room!MATE is an autonomous application, accessible from any PC in the network and without additional software installation. It consists of a server with calendar software, digital door signs and optional screens to guide visitors.

room!MATE calendar software is the heart of the room management solution. The room booking situation is displayed in the calendar and rooms are booked with few mouse clicks. Dooor signs and visitor guiding screens read the actual booking information from the calendar. The software offers powerfull functions for the administrator to manage users, rooms and access rights. Users benefit from the information offered in the various calendar views and from comfortable functions to find and book meeting rooms. The calendar is accessible from any PC in the network with any Internet browser. Major functions are:

User interface

  • Available in German, English, French, Spanish, Italien, Russian and other languages.
  • Calendar views for year, month, week and day show all room reservations.
  • Calendar view, ordered by rooms, shows all rooms and their reservations.
  • Calendar view, ordered by users, shows all registered users and their reservations.
  • Customisable date and time formats.
  • Filter functions to limit the displayed reservations.
  • Search functions for user-defined information retrieval.
  • Print calendar view.

Making room reservations

  • Simple and easy data entry for event start and end time, name or company and event description with a booking form.
  • Edit and delete reservations.
  • Users are automatically assigned to a reservation.
  • Two text fields for information displayed in the calendar and on the door signs.
  • Copy function for events lasting more than one day.
  • Warning messages and mechanisms to prevent users from making overlapping reservations.
  • Send an e-mail notification to other users.
  • Send e-mail reminders before an event's due date.

Room administration

  • Add, edit and delete rooms.
  • Assign individual colours to rooms.
  • Prevent overlapping bookings.
  • Approvals for user reservations. If this function is enabled for a room, a reservation needs the approval of a person with manager privileges. A reservation will only be visible after a manager's confirmation.

User management

  • Public calendar or calendar only accessible to registered users.
  • User self-registration or user account creation by administrators.
  • Hierachical user privileges: administrator, manager, user all (book rooms and edit reservations on behalf of all users), user own (book rooms and edit reservations on one's own behalf), read access (no rights to make reservations).
  • Limit access to rooms to certain user groups.

Automatic functions

  • Delete reservations from the calendar after a certain number of days.
  • Send an E-mail notification, if the information in the calendar has been changed.
  • Send reminder e-mails for due events.
  • Daily backup.

The slim and elegant room!MATE DoorSigns show two reservations, which are the current or upcoming reservation and the subsequent reservation. Customize your screen layout. The background image as well as the position and design of each element on the screen are changeable. You want a logo? No problem, just integrate your logo into a new background image.


  • High-quality, elegant design with small footprint.
  • Available in two versions for in-wall and on-wall installations.
  • Slim front bezel made of massive aluminium.
  • Safety glas with printed black borders and optional logo. Other border colours as option.
  • Display front protected according to IP65.
  • 10.1" MVA TFT display with large viewing angle and a resolution of 1280x800 pixel.
  • RJ45 network interface with 100 MBit.
  • Linux operating system configured for read-only operation.
  • Power over Ethernet according to IEEE 802.3af.
  • Dimensions: 270 x 189 mm [WxH].
  • Depth after installation: in-wall: 8 mm, on-wall: 50 mm.

room!MATE SignPost screens show all reservations of the day and guide visitors to their meeting room. Available for all screen sizes with FHD resolution (1920x1080). Monitors may be installed in either landscape or portrait orientation. The monitor itself is not part of the room!MATE product suite. PortSignum will provide a small controller which can be connected to any monitor with HDMI/DVI input. The controller reads all information from the calendar software and displays all reservations on the screen. The background and colours of the screen layout are changeable.


  • Small controller with HDMI interface for all screen sizes with FHD resolution.
  • Monitor installation in portrait or landscape orientation.
  • Choose between layouts with or without site plan.
  • Background colours changeable, optional logo.
  • Linux operating system configured for read-only operation.
  • RJ45 network interface with 100 MBit.
  • External power supply 5V, 2.5A DC.
  • Dimensions: 90 x 60 x 30 mm [LxDxH].